We’ll post information here about when and where we are running that course, along with information about other upcoming courses.

If there is nothing posted here but you’re interested in attending one of the courses that we run in the future, send an email to contact@qfpl.io.

Introduction to Functional Programming

The main course that we run is the Introduction to Functional Programming course.

The course aims to introduce functional programming to people who already have some exposure to programming.

Many people from around the world have worked through it on their own and found it to be valuable. The course is self-contained but has been designed with personal guidance in mind — we recommend coming along to experience it that way if you have the chance.

Applied Functional Programming

As a follow up to the Introductory FP course, we run the Applied Functional Programming course.

This is new course material that is targeted toward programmers who have become proficient with navigating Functional Programming concepts and would like to progress to building a complete application. This course material involves writing a REST application with a database backend.

Topics covered include:

The assumed Haskell knowledge for this course is that you are comfortable with Applicative, and you are able to write the definition for a function with the type: Applicative f => [f a] -> f [a]