> Tony Morris

Tony Morris is a programmer at the Queensland Functional Programming Lab. Tony has been deploying functional programming solutions for over 10 years, using the Haskell and Scala programming languages primarily. Tony teaches functional programming at the tertiary level and for professional programmers with a view toward producing a viable commercial result.

> Dave Laing

Dave is a programmer working at the Queensland Functional Programming Lab.

He is interested in all kinds of things related to the theory, practice and teaching of functional programming and the various associated libraries, branches of mathematics, tools and folkore.

At the moment he is particularly interested in Nix (a functional package management system), reflex (a feature-rich functional reactive programming library), and diving deep into programming language theory to try to write better domain specific languages.

> George Wilson

George Wilson is an enthusiastic programmer at the Queensland Functional Programming Lab. George enjoys writing code, and speaking and writing about Haskell and functional programming.

> Andrew McMiddlin

Andrew likes solving problems with software, and really likes doing it with functional programming. One day he’ll write a language. One day…

Andrew is also the programmer formerly known as Andrew McCluskey (or ajmccluskey), so if you see that name around there’s a good chance it’s referring to this new and improved Andrew.

> Ben Kolera

Ben is self-confessed “Full Stack Functional Programmer” and finds a lot of comfort from the power-boost that FP gives to creating and operating web apps (without catching fire). He loves things like Haskell, Reflex, Nix, Servant, Miso and Elm.

> Isaac Elliott

Isaac really likes types

> Sean Chalmers

Likes riding motorcycles, lenses, text editors, software that works, and writing documentation. Hates not having errors as values, not being able to use lenses, and writing bios.