Ben Kolera

Ben is self-confessed “Full Stack Functional Programmer” and finds a lot of comfort from the power-boost that FP gives to creating and operating web apps (without catching fire). He loves things like Haskell, Reflex, Nix, Servant, Miso and Elm.

Ben has been working at various web related companies since 2007, starting with humble origins in Java/Perl/JQuery until he was introduced to FP in 2010. From there he was fortunate enough to be able to introduce FP to his work introducing Scala and later haskell & purescript and gaining a huge boost of team productivity in the process.

His current focus is how we can make frontends as functional as they can be. He’s got serious compulsion to try every frontend (FP or not) framework out there and has written TodoMVC more times than he’d care to admit. :)

Ben has moved on from the Queensland Functional Programming Lab.

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