Posted on February 12, 2020

The Queensland Functional Programming Lab (QFPL) was launched in July 2017 by CSIRO’s Data61 as part of our partnership with the Queensland Government, to help grow Australia’s functional programming capabilities by providing educational resources to Australian businesses and the general public.

Since its launch, more than 1,600 individuals from 150 different companies have attended courses provided by the QFPL, and have written more than 50 programming libraries that are being used by people working with functional programming in organisations all around the world.

The three year partnership with the Queensland Government as part of its Advance Queensland Initiative is now coming to a close. The team acknowledges the rewarding opportunity it has been to support the QFPL, and extends their thanks to the Queensland Government and those they have worked with throughout the duration of the partnership. Individuals from Data61 will still be independently active in various functional programming communities, and they look forward to sharing their expertise and collaborating with others in the community.

It’s pub Friday tomorrow!

> Dave Laing

Dave is a programmer working at the Queensland Functional Programming Lab.