Dave Laing

Dave Laing

Dave is a programmer working at the Queensland Functional Programming Lab.

He has been programming since high school, and has used x86 assembler, C++, Java, Python, Javascript, Scala and Haskell professionally. There have been forays into Coq and Idris, but so far Haskell is his favourite.

At some point in the past he completed a PhD in Computer Science, involving computational complexity theory. These days he is mostly interested in programming language theory, functional reactive programming, Nix, session types, and various other bits and pieces of mathematics and theory associated with functional programming.

He is also passionate about spreading all of this knowledge, mostly by giving talks and writing blog posts and other training material, but also via talking to people at conferences, in pubs, and during elevator rides.

He has a personal website, which mostly contains similar writing to what you’ll see from him here.

He also has github page , which mostly contains similar code to what you’ll see from him in the QFPL repository.

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