The QFPL infrastructure work

This is the main page for all things related to how we at QFPL are setting up our infrastructure.

This includes this blog, and the Nix / Hydra / Hail tooling that builds it.

Hydra & Hail

QFPL projects are built using Hydra for continuous integration and deployed using Hail.


The blog is written using Hakyll - a static site generator written in Haskell - and is managed with Nix.

If you’re a team member, you probably want to read about writing for the FP blog.

You may also be interested in browsing around the git repository to see what we’ve done with Hakyll.


Nix is a package manager based on the ideas from pure functional programming.

There is some general information about Nix that should be useful to those who want to get started with it: