Sean Chalmers

TL;DR: Likes riding motorcycles, lenses, text editors, software that works, and writing documentation. Hates not having errors as values, not being able to use lenses, and writing bios.

Sean started out developing for the Drupal platform, before studying overseas and releasing a paper on the ‘State of the art of Big Data’, which is no longer state of the art. During this time he discovered FP through Clojure, Erlang, and eventually Haskell.

After briefly contracting writing PHP again, he was able to use his FP powers for good, developing everything from simple JSON to PostgreSQL pipelines, CRM components, and robust data munchers. Sean is interested in improving the state of FP documentation, from education and teaching materials, package documentation, and guides. As well as removing as many uses of exceptions as he can manage.

Sean has moved on from the Queensland Functional Programming Lab.